Caribou Landscape Restoration Program

The Caribou Landscape Restoration Program (CLRP) was established in 2015 to fulfill the requirements of both the Government of Canada's Recovery Strategy for the Woodland Caribou Boreal population, and the Recovery Strategy for the Woodland Caribou, Southern Mountain Population. Funding provided by the province to FRIAA supports the recovery strategies by tracking and mitigating human impact on caribou ranges, providing funding for landscape restoration, and enabling provincial monitoring and reporting through timely access to data.

The Program's overall purpose is to support efforts to sustaining and improving caribou habitat in a manner that supports healthy and self-sustaining caribou populations. The purpose of the Program is to support the Strategy by providing Funds for Eligible Activities for Projects that:

  1. assist the Department with projects that track and mitigate the anthropogenic footprint in the caribou ranges;
  2. provide financial and logistical oversight of funding for landscape restoration work as supported by the government of Alberta and industry;
  3. ensure the landscape restoration work can be done in accordance with and supported by caribou research; and
  4. assemble and provide data access to AEMERA for provincial monitoring and reporting.