CRP Program Summary

Community Reforestation Program (CRP) Program Summary

When timber harvesting occurs on public land, Alberta policies require reforestation of these areas to strict standards.  In most cases, reforestation is the responsibility of the operator who did the harvesting;. however, small operators may not have the ability undertake this long-term commitment.  These operators pay a levy in lieu of reforestation responsibility.  In 2000, the responsibility to collect reforestation levies and carry out reforestation of cutblocks was delegated to FRIAA. 

The overall purpose of the Community Reforestation Program (CRP) is to ensure the sustainability of forests that support the Community Timber Program.  The program applies to all CTP holders and small quota holders that harvest under 10,000 m3/year and have elected to pay reforestation levy in lieu of conducting reforestation themselves.



Promote a sustained yield of timber.

Performance Indicators

  • Harvested area assigned to CRP will be managed in a manner consistent with achieving outcomes outlined in current Reforestation Standards of Alberta;
  • Initial reforestation treatments will be completed within two years of notification of harvest.



In 2000, government transferred responsibility for 32,000 ha of existing cutblocks to FRIAA. Reforestation treatment hadn’t yet occurred on a significant portion of this area; none of these blocks had received final surveys yet. Since then, another 22,000 ha of newer cutblocks have been added to the Community Reforestation Program.

Since the implementation of CRP in 2000, over 38 million seedlings have been planted on over 24,000 hectares of lands. Total program spending has been close to $39 million. Final surveys have been completed for all but approximately 4,200 ha of the area harvested before May 2000.  Ongoing reforestation responsibility for the remaining area can continue up to 14 years after it was harvested. 


Roles and Responsibilities

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

  • Manage harvesting activities under the Community Timber Program;
  • Assign reforestation responsibility to CRP (where applicable);
  • Provide detail with respect to harvest activities of area assigned to CRP to FRIAA.

Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta

  • Collects reforestation levies from disposition holders;
  • Uses funds collected to carry out reforestation activities and meet program objectives (through locally based Service Providers);
  • Reports reforestation treatments and outcomes to Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

CRP Service Providers 1

  • Submit annual plans and budgets for reforestation treatments required to meet program objectives;
  • Complete approved activities;
  • Report details of reforestation activities to FRIAA.

Disposition Holders (Permit Holders Participating Small Quota Operators)

  • Report timber production from dispositions that require reforestation to FRIAA;
  • Pay applicable reforestation levies to FRIAA 2.



1 Service providers are selected on the basis of capability and cost efficiency. A process to select and engage service providers follows normal business processes and the level of service is continually evaluated through ongoing monitoring and field reviews.

2 See section on reporting and payment procedures for detail.