Activity monitoring and Auditing

Activity monitoring and auditing

In addition to monitoring progress through reports on each cutblock reclamation project, the activities may also be monitored through FRIAA by an operational field audit process. Operational field audits would involve the random auditing of selected blocks and the evaluation of progress against the silvicultural strategy.

Administrative framework

Following is the administrative framework that will be implemented and managed by FRIAA in support of the program.


Process Key activities Responsible Parties
1. Determine initial list of eligible cutblocks
Determine cutblocks affected.

Verify cutblock areas with companies.

2. Transfer funds to FRIAA
Government to secure necessary approvals. Minister/ESRD

3. Assign cutblocks and funding

Companies to submit block lists.

Companies to submit silviculture strategies.

Funding assigned and scheduled.





4. Implement silvicultural activities

Companies carry out reclamation activities.


5. Monitor reclamation activities Submission of progress reports as required. Participants

Random operational field audits.


6. Fund activities Make payments to companies according to an agreed upon schedule. FRIAA

7. Report activities Submit report to FRIAA detailing areas treated, treatment types employed and expenditures made. Participants

Specified wildfire areas

The Specified Wildfire Area is that which is determined on an annual basis in accordance with the grant agreement.